LR8: Parkour Lesson 4

Jackson returned from UCLA Film School to rejoin the parkour class with Joel at the new Valhalla Elite Training Center. I had to rush over immediately following my third ballroom dancing class of the week. I’m really packing it in … Continue reading

LR8: Parkour


My son, Jackson, has brought to my attention that you can actually take classes in parkour, which is something I’ve been dying to learn for a long time. I’ll be joining him and his friends for an introductory lesson tomorrow. … Continue reading

LR4: The Hurt Locker

Just three people were waiting for Barbara, Jackson and I to help us defuse the yarn bomb yesterday. Dennis Moran joined the crew to see it for himself. Will Wallin and Peter Biava, have been the unsung heroes on this … Continue reading

LR4: Da Bomb

I’m exhausted and will post details of the bombing tomorrow, but wanted to post some pics I have from tonight’s work (lots more to follow). It’s not 100% complete so I’ll be heading back up in the morning to finish … Continue reading

LR5: My Drum Recital

I picked up drum sticks for the first time in my life just 83 days ago. It was incredibly foreign to me, focusing on how my two hands and two feet could come together to create beats that my brain … Continue reading

LR5: Learn to Play the Drums

I’ve been watching Jackson play the drums since he was 8 years old. I’m in awe of how he can pick up a beat from his instructor and instantly bring the movement of 2 arms and 2 legs together to … Continue reading

LR3: New Skill Achieved

I’ve been confined to my driveway unless Jackson happened to be available to go with me when practicing on my jumping stilts. The impediment was my inability to get back up if I happened to fall. So long as something … Continue reading

GR2: Mission Accomplished

She came into our lives only a few days ago, but she will forever be a part of all us in this house. Sugar, a beautiful 10 week old white Boxer mix, came to us after being taken from a … Continue reading

LR1: Spreading the Unicycle Bug

I have become the Mr. Miyagi of unicycling, spreading the gospel to anyone who will give it a try. While it took Jackson and I days to learn how to ride, we lacked the advantage of having any clue what … Continue reading

GR1: Building Homes

It begins with what is supposed to be a 550 mile drive from Santa Barbara to Tonto National Forest in Arizona, but thanks to errant directions from the GPS it’s now an 850 mile drive with a detour through Tucson. … Continue reading

GR1: Build Homes

My 1st entry into the “Giving” category¬†of this year’s resolutions will come in 2 weeks, when I travel to the Apache Nation in San Carlos, Arizona to help build homes for families in need. I will be accompanied by Jackson … Continue reading

Learning Resolution #1: Unicycling

Unicycling is something I’ve always thought looked really cool. It’s the epitome of the quirky things people marvel at, but rarely attempt. That’s why it was just perfect for this resolution. I had no idea where to begin and don’t … Continue reading